Not my ID

Not my ID

It's been a good week to say the least!  A wonderful article in VoyageKC and my first award at a professional, juried art show have certainly given a boost to my art psyche!  Sharing the news through Facebook and Instagram brought so many kind words from my friends and associates that my heart sang happy songs as well.  But it all got me thinking--look out, here it comes!

I carry a quote on my phone from an artist mentor of mine, Matt Tommey.  "Art is not who you are, it's what you carry.  Creating art is how the Kingdom is expressed through your life."  So these last few days, I'm celebrating the highs of choosing to live out my life as a weaver.  Last week, I was in the throws of the lows.  LOL.  Following Christ, serving, doing life with Him as He leads me doesn't guarantee the situations are all "jolly, jelly roll" as a pastor I knew used to say.  But I know who is in control; and I know I am wholly and deeply loved, with that in mind, I know He only wants the best for me.  The best might be a struggle sometimes.  The best might be a bit painful sometimes.  His best might not be what I think is best at all.  But I know whom I follow and I know He loves me.  My identity is not being an artist, it's being a child of God.  There's a song playing on Christian radio right now that reminds me, "on my best day, I'm a child of God.  On my worst day, I'm a child of God.  Everyday is a good day and He's the reason why."

So through all this experience of letting Christ lead me into the art world and fashion industry, I truly hope that everyone I meet, every person I create for, everyone who cheers me on, everyone who sees my work gains just a bit more understanding of who Jesus is.  He loves me, O how he loves me!  But He loves you the mostest.  He loves us all the mostest!

What's He leading you into?  How does He want to use your talents, abilities and gifts?  Thank you for celebrating His goodness with me!  He truly is good all the time and I'm thankful that I don't have to prove myself to him.  And whether I succeed or fail at something really isn't the point, I know he'll use both equally to grow me and maybe you too!   If you didn't get to read the article.  Here is the link:  It's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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So enjoyed reading this! I pray God continues to bring many joyful days filled with opportunities for you to share his light and love!

Jackie Baumgartner

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