From the Artist

As Artist in Residence at The Shepherd's Mill, Inc., I love exploring the interlacement of yarns to create fabrics with textures.  Weaving and Bobbin Lace are my God-given passions and combining those with other fiber arts positively makes me sing.  As a mostly self-taught fiber artist, I know the pitfalls and mistakes that happen when our creativity outpaces our experience.  That's why I teach from my hard-learned lessons both virtually and in person.  I love to share a good story and help others to create something personal and unique.  My roots are deep here in Phillipsburg, Kansas as my husband and I are both 5th generation homesteaders living on his family's homestead.  Our building is a former JC Penney store that sits on ground that was once my husband's Great-Great Uncle's Livery Stable.  Weaving and spinning is in my blood as I am blessed to own a linsey-woolsey coverlet that was spun and woven by my Great, Great Grandmothers as a wedding present for their children.  I learned to weave and make lace however as an International 4-H Youth Exchange to Finland in the late 1980's.  That trip changed my life and formed the basis of my artistry.  I look forward to this next journey and to meeting those who become a part of it!  Weaving with Passion--Sally